Podcasts are radio’s Netflix. They are original. They are cool. They are exciting. And they are the future. Be a part of it.

We love making branded films. We love making branded audio content also and podcasts seem to be on everyone’s mind these days. With more than six million people tuning into podcasts every week in the UK, the market is going through an immense growth with audiences set to rise year on year.

Radio On Demand

Podcasts are a distinctly human-centric medium and one that is uniquely situational to fit into our busy lives, offering high engagement at times when other media can’t. They are also an active listening activity where listeners can search for new interesting content to learn from, often choosing podcasts over more passive forms of digital media.

It’s mobile, storage-friendly and on-demand. On top, podcast listeners represent some of the hardest to reach millennials on the planet. They are more likely than the average person to be highly educated, earn a high household income and be a professional. Due to the exhaustion of screen-based content, these audiences are becoming more diverse as the platform grows.

Top podcasts also profile niche subjects with depth and deftness more so than any other platform.

Brands & Podcasts

For brands, podcasts offer a powerful alternative to traditional advertising experiences and great podcast adverts tap into the human, trustworthy element of the medium. Even more, effective podcast sponsorship can drive actions from listeners more than any other mediums, with 45% of listeners visiting a sponsor’s website and 42% considering the product/service after hearing a podcast sponsorship (IAB / Edison Research).

Yet we enter the golden age of podcasts, it has never been a better time for brands to invest in their own podcast series. Listeners want it and they expect it. They know big brands will come with a stamp of quality in terms of production and story-telling. Podcasts are also a compelling new way for brands to tell stories and opportunities lie beyond pure content awareness – the channel can become an important contributor to growth and branding.

Branded audio content is the single most undervalued tool in a marketers arsenal. Why not be the content rather than the advertising and create something that people want to consume, rather than interrupting with something they want to ignore.

Podcast Services

Branded podcasts is our craft. Recorded from our professional audio production studios in Central London, we will grow your podcast into a powerful marketing channel. This means that we will not only create and launch your podcast, but look to achieve long term podcast growth and sustainability. Importantly, we will make sure your podcast stands out from the rest.

Branded Podcasts

  • Creative series ideas that resonates with your target audience, whilst making sure your brand messages are communicated throughout.
  • Development of the episode format, scripting, guests and host for the series.
  • Recording and editing of the episodes to a BBC standard.
  • Music composition to accompany the podcast.
  • Distribution of the series on all the podcast platforms, with audio and visual trails created.
  • Promotion and PR of your podcast.
  • Evaluation and monitoring of series growth, via URL analytics and audience downloads.

PR Podcast Placement

  • Suited to general PR campaigns, we place your guest on a few selected, popular podcasts.
  • This may be recorded at their production facilities or from our studios in Central London or Manchester.

Ads and sponsorships

  • The more traditional route for brands. Advertise around an existing successful podcast with an established audience, such as The Guardian’s podcast or David Tennant’s new chart-busting show.
  • Sponsor a new or existing successful podcast suited to your target audience.

Get in touch to talk through some of the successful podcasts we have managed.