Online Editorial Placement

Online editorial placement is an integral part of any PR activity. As today’s generation of readers grows up in a world of smartphones and tablets, the digital shift to consuming news and information online has meant brands can reach a larger and wider audience than traditional methods such as print.

Our team of digital media specialists know exactly how to get your story and campaign talked about online. We often secure earned media campaign coverage for brands on various digital platforms, including major online news outlets, national magazines and portals, specialist titles, regional and niche sites, as well as blogs and independent social channels.

Story / Film Placement

We secure unpaid online media coverage through the following ways :

  • Editorial placement (online press releases, often supported by visual data such as images and infographics)
  • Exclusive celebrity interviews.
  • B-roll and video news releases.
  • Campaign film placement.

We work closely with media throughout the production stage, in order to tailor the content exactly to their needs and audiences. Through our specialist broadcast PR services, we often also use national broadcasters to help launch an online campaign as well as distributing the content via our own media database networks.

Case Studies