In order to maximise marketing and branding goals from our content production or PR projects, we also offer a mix of paid and unpaid social media marketing strategies to promote your content further to the right audiences. This includes influencer marketingchannel growth strategies and paid social on all the relevant platforms including YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

Influencer Marketing

Once a trend, influencer marketing is now a key marketing strategy for a lot of businesses. It enables brands big and small to create great content, earn credibility and spread awareness of their product and service through an influencer’s network. Here at BRUH Media, we ensure any influencer marketing strategy is consistent and creates genuine authentic brand engagement.

Our step by step process includes:

  • Designate specific goals and key performance indicators for the campaign, as well as target audiences and investment needed.
  • Using the latest AI influencer platforms and our own influencer networks, we identify the right platforms and the relevant influencers who can become the brand ambassadors.
  • Ensure authenticity, high engagement and overall brand compatibility by analysing the tone and theme of the channel, prior collaborations, follower growth and engagement patterns.
  • Influencers are then selected and deliverables presented, with the careful balance between brand messaging and influencer editorial freedom managed so the content feels authentic to their audiences.
  • We then track the results of your campaign with the latest influencer marketing tools to simplify and accelerate research, outreach and monitoring of your campaign.

We also manage unique brand partnerships with influencers across various digital platforms – please get in touch with a member of our team for more information.

Organic Social

We can help build your own social community by developing multi-channel social content strategies. We are also specialists in YouTube channel creation and subscriber growth for brands.

Social Content Strategy

Consistent delivery of interesting, relevant visual content is the most powerful way to grow your social channels and online audience. At BRUH Media, we are developing new packages and strategies for those who need to upload regularly without necessarily needing to break the bank. In addition, we look to provide added value through our specialist PR, influencer and paid social services to drive even more audiences to your social platforms.

These content packages focus on ongoing relationships which work over a longer period of time. We always shoot in 4k and can create all types of visual content in one setting at our film & photography multimedia space in central London.


We love YouTube because it’s a great platform for brands to build influence with audiences of all ages around the world. It is the second biggest search engine after Google and now has mainstream credibility – during prime-time hours of an average day in the UK, more 18 to 49-year-olds visit YouTube than any TV network.

Yet, branded online channels are often overlooked and undervalued. Strange considering the amount of traffic the site brings, marketing opportunities and additional revenue streams which can be created from having a large subscriber base. With over 2 billion people predicted to be coming online over the next few years, it’s never been a better time to develop your own channels online. We’re here to make branded content cool and our channel services include:

  • Video marketing strategies to grow subscribers on existing brand channels.
  • The creation of additional independent channels sponsored and owned by a brand.
  • Channel and creator partnerships with other known influencers.
  • Paid Social, Podcast and PR support to promote your channel further.

Paid Social

Social media advertising and sponsorships is also an important part of a brand’s promotional armoury. It’s still a great way to target audiences, build customer journeys and getting people on your site –  especially with organic content reach for brands down across most networks, monetisation of platforms and the rise of social commerce. Paid social can also be used to raise awareness for a brand’s online channels, for example a branded podcast series or a campaign film.

At BRUH Media, we provide strategy on ad spend, content selection, audience demographics and targeting frequency. Our process to fine-tuning your paid social strategy is:

  • Identify and prioritise goals. This may include increasing traffic, engagement, visibility, lead generation and sales.
  • Select the right social platforms, making sure it fits the right audience demographics and ad format.
  • Budgeting dependent on each platform.
  • Build your audience targets on your selected platforms.
  • Ensure your adverts blend in with other organic content.
  • Have a specific funnel from users arriving from your ads.
  • Optimise your social bidding strategy.
  • Refresh and test everything.

Get in touch with a member of our team for more information on how we can help