Help Our Heroes

Client: The Fire Fighter’s Charity
Content: Health
Type: Publicity Film

This edit was a combination of two previous films we produced and directed for The Fire Fighters Charity – showing the things our hero firefighters have to go through on a daily basis and the impact it has on their mental health. The video was central in their bid to become one of the Telegraph’s Charities of the Year and a range of cameras were used for the shoots, including ARRI Alexa minis for slow-motion action shots, Canon’s C300’s for interviews and b-roll, as well as Sony A7’s for use with the Ronin-M Gimbal.

You can watch the full video featuring interviews with London Fire Brigade commissioner Dany Cotton and fire fighter Ricky Nuttall, who talk about how tragedies such as Grenfell affect them and their teams both mentally and physically:

You can also watch the case study film from the charity’s major mental health awareness campaign with ex station commander and retired fire fighter Roger Moore here: