Roger’s Story

Client: The Fire Fighters Charity
Content: Health
Type: Publicity Film

We were briefed to help the charity produce content for their first ever consumer-facing campaign, to raise awareness of PTSD within the emergency and rescue services on the back of the Grenfell tragedy.

We had access to a retired station commander & firefighter called Roger Moore and made a doc/ad film telling the emotional story of his struggles with PTSD and the impact it had on his family. Filmed with a mixture of C300 Mark 2 and ALEXA mini cinema cameras, we also got special access to the training centre at the Fire Service College, where we filmed action shots with some of the recruits to get the right type of powerful cutaways & b-roll to support the story.

We also worked closely with media during the production stage and placed the video as unpaid editorial onto major online news sites such as Sky News, The Guardian, Evening Standard, Yahoo News, as well as having the video and story featured on radio & TV, including LBC, ITV News, Channel 5 news, and Midlands Today.

You can see and listen to some of the coverage secured here: