Ford’s Driving Etiquette Campaign with Debrett’s

Rude drivers. If there is one thing that unites motorists across the UK, it is a mutual annoyance of bad motor manners! Ford released new research into modern driver behaviour which found etiquette on British roads had dwindled over the last few years, leading to more incidents of road rage and poor behaviour between fellow drivers. They partnered with Britain’s leading authority on etiquette, Debretts’s, to produce the ‘Great British Road Etiquette Guide’ which provided guidance to help the country retain its reputation as a well-mannered, considerate nation.

We had Katherine Lewis, etiquette expert from Debrett’s, in the studios and the campaign secured 14 radio interviews and reached over 5 million listeners, with interviews on 10 key BBC regional interviews including BBC Merseyside, BBC West Midlands and BBC Newcastle.

You can listen to the BBC Leeds interview here

and BBC Hereford & Worcester interview here